Business Continuity Planning

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Business Continuity Planning helps an organization respond to the impact of an emergency event or unplanned interruption to normal operations, and be able to continue to provide a minimum acceptable level of service during and in the immediate aftermath of such an event.

Why Continuity Planning?

We continuously face different types and sizes of emergencies that interrupt our normal business operations.  Emergencies can vary from earthquakes to fires to power outages to flooding, or a pandemic, like the H1N1 virus.  They can also be more localized events, like a fallen tree or mud slide, prohibiting us from accessing a road or building.  Even the failure of a hard drive, which keeps one employee from doing their work, can affect many who rely on the continuance of the processes performed by that employee.

In order to maintain the university's mission of teaching, research and service, it is our goal to resume critical business functions as soon as possible during and after an emergency, even if in reduced mode.  Some departments, like the Fire Department or those within Physical Plant, may be expected to not only continue their services, but to expand them during these times.

In 2007, the UC Office of the President announced a major continuity planning initiative for the ten UC campuses and the five UC medical centers known as UC Ready.  Key to this effort was the development of the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool which was developed to support campus planning efforts.

What is the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool?

To create and store a business continuity plan, we use a web-based department-level planning tool, the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool, an easy-to-use program that asks detailed questions about your department"s operations and the resources needed to perform them.  Once a department has answered the questions in UC Ready, their plan is created.  The plan can also include emergency preparedness documents, evacuation plans, contact lists, and process documents, all to help you ensure safety, smooth communication, and continuity of operations with your faculty, staff and students.  Every business continuity plan also includes "action items", which make up an essential "to do" list of things that can be done, starting now, to make your unit more prepared.

Accessing the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool

In order to access the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool, you need to setup a base plan for your unit. This includes identifying the individuals who will need to have access to your plan and setting them up in the system with access. Our staff will help you to set this up.

Since 2011, the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool has been hosted by the Kuali Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides technology sharing services to various public and privated universites. Login authentication is handled locally by the campus using your CruzID and Gold password and you are then redirected to the application on the Kuali site. Once your plan has been initially setup by our staff, you can use the link to the left to access the UC Ready Continuity Planning Tool.

Questions? Please contact:

Rosemary Anderson
Business Continuity Planner
UCSC Office of Emergency Services
(831) 459-3828